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    Mehendi or Henna is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhikā.

    The use of mehendi and turmeric is described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books

  • Types of Henna

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    Bridal Henna

    we have a special bridal line of henna designs for your most special day

    Anniversary Henna

    for this joyous occasion we have choices of many different types of henna and designs

    Natural Henna

    Natural Henna is a paste made from henna leaf. The leaf of the henna plant contains natural red brown dye color that is used to stain (dye) the hair, fingernails and skin to make body art. Natural henna comes in only one colour - red brown colour. Its 100% safe for sensitive skin, pregnant women and it doesn’t cause any skin reaction/allergy

    Instant Dry Henna

    Instant Dry Henna mix of natural henna and cosmetic products that become like a paste. This instant henna is 100% skin friendly ( if you have sensitive skin we advice not to use this henna type). Instant henna, will dry in 15-20 minutes and after it has dried we can directly peel it off. The colors will come darken in a short time.

  • White Henna

    White Henna is made from a cosmetic or prosthetic white adhesive. The white adhesive can be piped onto the skin like henna paste and will stick to the skin for up to 1-2 days. It looks 3D, like puff-paint. It can be peeled or scrubbed if you want to remove it. It’s safe for the skin. For extra glam and finishing, we applied cosmetic powder glitter (white glowing glitter, gold glitter, or silver glitter). The glitters will be sprinkled onto the adhesive before it’s fully dry. It look amazing !.​

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